Jam Sessions in Cameroon

Despite being quite open on my travels, I haven’t much shared my musical adventures on this blog. Basically, you can find some songs written by me as well as covers under „Musik„. Reality, however, shows that if I do not create own blog posts for it, no one will listen to it. It is time to be more transparent! Today, I want to show you some of the jam sessions I had with people in Cameroon.

My latest recording session was with my former flatmate Maude, who got a crazily smoky voice! When we were still living in the same appartment, we had jam sessions together and practiced songs like: Don’t Know Why (Norah Jones). Probably you all know this song from cozy lounges. But did you ever hear it with backvocals starred by our neighbour’s lovely chicken? I doubt it. So listen carefully, dear student, and tick the right box: What chicken subspecies have we casted for this unique recording? You have, let’s be kind today, as many chances as you like to make your sophisticated guess.

Two months ago, I did another jam session with Flavy, who normally fills churches with her lovely voice, that can climb higher than anyone else’s. Sitting yet on another balcony, we performed „Tears in Heaven“ by Eric Clapton – one of my favorite ever songs. As always it takes more than 1 take to get the full take working. This time, however, it was only due to the empty battery of my microphone that stopped us from a 1-time delivery!

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